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The Haugum family business

term papers writersIn April 1986 Jostein Haugum did his first purchases of Mayan indian handicrafts in Guatemala. Riding on top of chicken buses, ​sending purchases back to​ Denmark​ by postal service and vending it​ on​ Copenhagen pedestrian streets was the entrepeneurs first experiences with international business.

In 2013 second generation, Vinca Haugum joined the company as business developer.

Through our couriosity and travelling we are now owning, developing and running businesses in Guatemala, Java, Bali, USA and Denmark. We employ hundreds of people with six different religions and many cultural differences. More than 70 % of them are women and​ half of our top managers are women. We export to around 30 different countries and we still love to ride a chickenbus, if we get a chance.

Our Companies

Handicraft products S.A (90 %)


Our company in Guatemala is designing, producing, marketing and exporting Mayan indian handicrafts. We have during the years built several public schools with part of our earnings as well as donations from clients and organisations.term paper


PT Passion For Handicraft (50 %)


Our company in Semarang on Java Island, Indonesia produces metal handicrafts.​
We also work as export agents for several large importers in USA, Italy, Australia, Japan and​ Singapore.term paper writers


PT Susila Jewelry (95 %)


Our company is located in the​ southern part of Bali Island, Indonesia.
We are designing, producing and exporting handi​craft​ed fashion jewelry, clothing and accesories. ​term paper writer


Hands To Hearts LLC (50 %)


Located in Austin, Texas – USA we design, import and distribute lovely handcrafted fashion clothing and accesories​ throughout USA. We focus on multifunctional, colourfull items with a ‘​good feeling’​.term paper writer


Gringobar (100 %)


Gringobar has been serving drinks and Nachos at one or Europes largest music events, Roskilde festival (www.roskilde-festival.dk)since 1997.
We run ten bars and two food stalls with more than 700 volunteers.term paper writers


Haugum Holding ApS (100 %)


Haugum holding is a company owning severel of our international companies as well as two other danish companies:
– Fiona Inspired by aps (trading company)
– Coverlicio.us aps (trading Company)term papers helpcustom term paper writing

Our social profile

We are working in a multi national, ethnical, cultural and religious enviroment.

We are embracing the differences and enjoy the experiences they often give us. We try to help where we can​ and trust that our business makes a positive differe​nce for people who are involved.

We speak out if we see others doing unethical or environ​mental damaging productions.

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